Mary Sommers


Mary Sommers and her husband John bought their home in Stone Mountain in 1991. She learned to love the village as she grew up in the area and attended church in Stone Mountain beginning in 1967. She became a home-based, small business owner in 2005 developing a business as a graphic designer and print production specialist after spending 25 years as a typesetter and production artist. She is committed to the goal of opening a community market in downtown Stone Mountain as she feels passionately about doing what she can to make access to fresh, affordable food in the area something everyone can achieve.

Shawn Hildebrand


Shawn Hildebrand currently serves as a partner with Bizprofitpro LLC, a business management consulting firm specializing in the acquisition and sales of small businesses. Ms. Hildebrand is an Accredited Business Intermediary and a member of the American Business Brokers Association. Shawn also holds a real estate license with the state of Georgia. She has lived in Stone Mountain for over 15 years and is passionate about bringing economic development and wellness back to the community. Shawn firmly believes the SMV Market is an effective way to give back to the community that she loves and provide healthy food choices and employment opportunities.

Yolande Wooten


Yolande Wooten has spent the last 15 years in the field of Research Analysis and Data Management with various employers in the Atlanta Metro area. A graduate of Florida A&M University, holding a Masters in Business Administration, she became an avid supporter of food co-ops while enjoying her transition to a vegetarian-based diet.  Believing that communities should have healthy food resources for their families, she is privileged to serve on the board and contribute to the vitality of the SMV Market. Mrs. Wooten is the co-author of “Just As Special,” a children’s book highlighting the amazing adults in the lives of children from single-parent homes. She also spends time participating in school reading events and tutoring programs.

Candace Walker


Candace Walker holds a B.S. in Biology, minoring in Forensic Chemistry, and an M.S in Criminal Justice Administration from Loyola University New Orleans. She has worked for various government entities in the field of forensic science for 12 years. As a Stone Mountain High School graduate, and having lived in and owned a home in Stone Mountain for 10 years, she is invested in the community and would like to see it flourish as it did in years past. Ms. Walker is also the founder of the Ann Key Memorial Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to provide financial support and resources to two deserving Stone Mountain High School students that demonstrate academic excellence and good character in need of funding for post-secondary education.